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Empowered Writerpreneurs Network

Welcome to the Empowered Writerpreneurs Network

My name is Felecia Killings, and I am the Founder and CEO of LiyahAmore Publishing and the Executive Host of the Empowered Writerpreneurs Network. This is a special and unique community for new Christian Authors who want to receive the right training on how to build their writing ministry. 

When you become a member of this great network, you will learn various principles and practical lessons that will position your writing ministry for success. My network is especially useful to you if you desire to become a full-time Christian Author. You will learn lessons on:

  • Understanding you role and purpose as a Christian Author
  • Developing new habits that position you to receive wealth
  • Developing the plans that position your writing ministry to receive wealth
  • Developing a powerhouse that positions your ministry to receive wealth
  • Developing a business model within your ministry that positions it to receive wealth
  • Developing content (books, courses, blog posts, etc.) that positions your ministry to receive wealth
  • Developing a system of operations that positions your ministry to function well
  • Developing an effective marketing system that positions your ministry in front of the right audience
  • Developing the right type of salesmanship that enables you to generate income for your ministry
  • Developing a solid brand so that people become loyal to your work, thereby supporting it for a lifetime
  • And creating multiple opportunities for you to expand your writing ministry's influence and generating multiple streams of income as a Christian Author

The Empowered Writerpreneurs Network is a paid membership community, and requires a monthly investment of $49/month. To sign up, click here. (Only those who make their membership official by signing up through this link will be added to the network.) Your membership package comes with detailed lessons, monthly webinars, an annual virtual conference, and a full scholarship into my online school, the Empowered Writerpreneurs Program, when you remain an active member for 12 months. More importantly, this network gives you a chance to connect with other Christian writers, building powerful relationships that can last a lifetime.

New members will be accepted into the network beginning July 29, 2017, and can receive a FREE 30-day trial period. If you find that the network does not deliver on what you need, cancel anytime; but I'm confident that the ongoing training you receive is exactly what you need to thrive as a Christian Author.

"I am blessed to have connected with this great thing that God is doing." - Sarah Adams

"I wanted to be a part of something where the love for writing connects with the process of getting the writing out there." - Lashina Mack

Come be a part of this great movement. You will learn to appreciate your anointing to prosper as one of God's writers, and will be a major contributor to expanding His Kingdom in the earth.

Join the Empowered Writerpreneurs Network today!

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